New animal rights party launching

There’s a new party called Animals Count about to launch into the UK political arena. It’s linked to a Dutch party which won two seats in the last elections in Holland and it’s policies appear to be about protecting animals but without the violence used by some anti-cruelty groups.

Personally I think Animals Count are a bunch of loonies and I doubt they’ll get very far in UK politics. Having an existing party with a policy on preventing cruelty to animals is all well and good, but starting a political party which states its mission as “To establish a voice for the animals through a dedicated political party” is taking things a bit far. I can’t see how any group of people who want to give cows voting rights in Parliament can be taken seriously by the general public. They may have won a couple of seats in Holland, but that’s probably one of the most liberal countries in the world and I don’t think that they’ll repeat that success over here, especially when minority parties such as the Greens can’t even manage to win a seat in Westminster.